Campus : Cybernetic University
Campus : Cybernetic University

Campus : Cybernetic University

Decentralized Education Operating System

We are building a new education model which focuses on empowering a community of learners to utilize abundant courseware to and experience to engage in radical knowledge sharing. At Campus, anyone can join and learn valuable life and workplace skills through our moderated community channels, live events, resource libraries, and marketplace partners.

Ready to level up? Your rocket booster for personal agency.


Agency: the power to originate action. In social science, agency is defined as your capacity to act independently and make your own free choices, to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific results, and the ability to successfully exert control over your behavior and your social environment.

Over the course of 12 units, you and your cohort will delve deep into the core faculties necessary to find success in any domain. As you complete objectives and participate in the community you will earn XP, crypto and NFT rewards.

Cybernetic Academy | Skills for the Future

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